Esteban Largo Avila, agricultural engineer, researcher and faculty of Colombia’s Universidad del Valle’s Caicedonia campus, aims to reduce coffee bean drying times for local producers.

Researchers from the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad del Valle have explored an electrochemical process coupled to microalgae to reduce the concentration of pharmaceutical compounds present in the wastewater of Cali, Colombia.

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A new report finds that Mexico has militarized its immigration policy.

lled over 500 indigenous people on a reservation in the northeastern province of Chaco in 1924. The judge called the massacre a  “crime against humanity” and ordered the State to make remedial reparations.

On Monday, May 16, Mexico surpassed 100,000 missing persons, reporting over 80,000 in the last 15 years.

Mexican officials have yet to prosecute those involved in the collapse of one of Mexico City’s busiest railways on May 3, 2021.