New rhythms, more experience, and a lot of heart: What to expect from Mägo de Oz’s upcoming Latin America tour

By February 9, 2022

After two years of a pandemic that kept them away from the bright lights and stages, Mägo de Oz returns to Latin America to promote their most recent album, Bandera Negra. The tour will start in Mexico, move on to Costa Rica, then Colombia, and finally will end in Chile.

The new album brings a lot of what Mägo de Oz’s fans know about their music but also new and risky proposals like for example a mix between Scape, Celtic music, and Rock. For the band, this has been de opportunity to let behind the concerns about how the public is going to react and make music as they use to do in the past, thinking more about what they want to express.

This record is the result of the work the band made during the pandemic. Between April and June 2020, 15 songs were composed for Zoom, each member of the band from home. Between July and September of the same year, they recorded in secret at Cube Studios. Now, the public can enjoy songs such as Tu madre es una cabra, Al abordaje, El cervezo, Bandera Negra o la Tormenta.

Bandera negra is an album where Mägo de Oz wants to say to the public that they have a lot of good songs to present, and the band is more than the past hits. Their purpose with each new album is to exceed the public expectations and made them feel that their music is getting better and better. However, they recognize that sometimes new songs aren’t as flashy as the ones the public is already familiar with, but they believe in their work and the music they are making, so they thrust the public will enjoy it as much as they are.

The band is currently formed by Txus di Fellatio on drums, Carlos “Moha” Prieto on violin, Javier Domínguez “Zeta” on vocals, Fernando Mainer on bass, Jose Manuel Pizarro on wind instruments, Manuel Seoane and Victor Lopez on guitars, Manuel Ramil on keyboards and Patrica Tapia “Patri” on vocals and backing vocals. All of them prepare to make their best in each one of the concerts they’re going to play.

After more than 30 years as a band, they affirm that Mägo de Oz continues being Mägo de Oz but without losing its originality. As musicians they aren’t always doing the same music, they innovate and explore but they have never lost their authenticity. For them, the best strategy is not having a strategy, because rock music is more about feeling, not just a fast product for a brief consumption.

From November 2021, Mago de Oz decided to return to the stage and start a tour they called Al abordaje with 24 dates confirmed. The band’s next concert will be held on February 19 in Mexico City, where they will state until March 11. Mägo de Oz will arrive in Colombia for their concerts on March 24 in Cali, March 25 in Bogotá, and March 26 in Medellín. After finishing the Latin America and Spain concerts they will announce new dates for their tour in the United States.

The band is really excited to return to Latin America because the public in countries such as México and Colombia are passionate about rock and also because Latinamerican people communicate through music, and for them, it becomes easier to interact with the public when you can speak the same language: music.

The most important band of the Spanish rock scene, with more than 25 albums, is prepared to continue presenting a great show for their fans. For the band, the only way to made rock music is with the soul, and they are preparing a lot of this for their upcoming presentations.