A window into Ecuador’s past highlights lessons for 2024: An interview with Rosalía Arteaga

By January 31, 2024

Latin America is among the most attractive regions for global investment thanks to its position as a global market. 

In recent years Ecuador has proven its ability to attract and sustain foreign investment with the value of investment contracts reaching a record high of 3,201 USD million in 2023.

76.5% of these contracts have been earmarked for projects in manufacturing, construction, real estate, and telecommunications, all of which are sectors crucial to the country’s ongoing pace of development.

Unfortunately, the country has recently fallen upon hard times, with crime reaching all time highs.

Ecuador is a country with a rich cultural heritage and a history of vibrant diversity. The 1990s contained several landmark events that symbolized great change and hope for the country and its people. One of these included the rise of Rosalía Arteaga who became the first woman president of Ecuador highlighting a major development in the political history of the country.

Last week Entrepreneur Magazine published an interview between Ms. Arteaga and Michael Puscar, Founder of the Puscar Buritica Family Office, which covered themes such as how education can be leveraged to tackle systemic inequalities, the rise of women in tech, and the opportunities for entrepreneurs across Latin America.

Watch the below interview for more: